RELEASE BLITZ – Provoked by Tana Stone

Title: Provoked

A Sci-Fi Alien Warrior Romance
Series: Raider Warlords of the Vandar #6
Author: Tana Stone
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Release Date: May 13, 2021
I snuck onto the wrong ship. Now I’m at the mercy of the most terrifying and deadly of the Vandar warlords—and he refuses to let me go.

Running away and joining my sister and her Vandar mate seemed like a great idea. Until I stowed away on the wrong ship.
Now I’m on a Vandar warbird flying far away from my home planet, but my sister is nowhere in sight. Instead, I’m trapped with the Vandar warlord they call the Lunari Raas—the deranged warlord. They whisper that he’s insane, and when I meet the menacing alien, I understand why.
The dark and ruthless warlord might be huge and gorgeous, but he’s a tortured soul. The Raas who never sleeps and roams around his warbird believes I can help end his torment. He makes a deal with me. If I stay with him until the next alignment of the moons, he will return me to my planet. If I still want to go.
Although I didn’t run away from one controlling life to end up in another, I take his deal. All I have to do is run out the clock. No way will I fall for him—even if his touch provokes feelings I’ve never experienced before. But when my time is up, can I truly leave the tortured Raas and never look back?
Provoked is a full-length sci-fi romance novel with a HEA and no cheating. It features steamy scenes on a raider warship, alien horde space battles, and some serious heat.
If you like dominant and dangerous alien warriors, alien abduction to seduction romance, and hot scenes with a happily ever after, you’ll love Provoked, the sixth book in Tana Stone’s sci-fi romance Raider Warlords of the Vandar series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but the series is better when read in order.
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The Vandar warlord crossed his arms over his chest and stared at me.
“Can you please return me to my planet?” I asked.
He studied me for a few moments longer, and I squirmed under his scrutiny. I wasn’t used to males noticing me, and I definitely wasn’t used to them staring at me as this Raas did.
He pivoted to Taan. “How far are we from Kimithion III, majak?”
“We have been traveling at full impulse since we returned to the warbird. We should be nearly an astro unit away from the alien planet.”
I looked from one warrior to the other. “What’s an astro unit? What does that mean?”
“It means we are too far away to go back to Kimithion III.” Raas Vassim leaned closer to me. “Which means I am not returning you to your planet.”
I gaped at him as the words sunk in. “What do you mean you’re not returning me?” I reached out and grabbed his arm. “You have to!”
A few of the raiders inhaled sharply and then the group went silent. Raas Vassim didn’t react, apart from the muscle that quivered in his jaw. I dropped my hand and stepped back, feeling the first flash of real fear since I’d walked onto the ship.
“I do not have to return you to your planet, female,” the Raas said, his voice low and silky, almost masking the deadly hum beneath it. “I am the Raas of this horde. I do not answer to anyone. And in case you haven’t heard the rumors, I am called the Deranged Raas because I do not follow the rules of war. I do not do what others think I should do, and I do not bow to the demands of stowaways.”
Terror coiled its cold fingers around my heart as I peered up into the pools of cold darkness that were his eyes. “I didn’t mean to demand. I’m…I’m sorry. I just want to go home.”
“You were running from home, were you not?”
I opened my mouth, then clamped it shut. I had been running as far from my homeworld as I could get, but I hadn’t expected to end up this far.
The Raas lowered his head so that it was next to mine, dropping his voice to a purr that sizzled down my spine. “You might not have meant to stow away onto my ship, female, but you did. That makes you the property of the Vandar, and of me. I cannot return you to your planet, or the bounty hunters, because you belong to me. This horde ship is your home now.”
I sucked in a breath as his tail curled around my waist, keeping me from staggering away from him.
He drew in a deep breath at my neck, as if smelling my skin, then his deep groan sent a jolt through me. “The only thing I have yet to figure out is exactly what I’m going to do with you.”
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Tana Stone is a bestselling sci-fi romance author who loves sexy aliens and independent heroines. Her favorite superhero is Thor (with Aquaman a close second because, well, Jason Momoa), her favorite dessert is key lime pie (okay, fine, all pie), and she loves Star Wars and Star Trek equally. She still laments the loss of Firefly. 

She has one husband, two teenagers, two neurotic cats and a brand new puppy. She sometimes wishes she could teleport to a holographic space station like the one in her tribute brides series (or maybe vacation at the oasis with the sand planet barbarians). 🙂

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