COVER REVEAL – Capturing Her by Jessika Klide

Title: Capturing Her
Series: Siri’s Heart #13
Author: Jessika Klide
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Jessika Klide
 Release Date: TBA

entertainer, Siri Wright walks away from her dancing gig as the headlining
stripper “Seary” at Been Jammin’
s Gentleman’s Club
in Vegas. Although, she isn’t walking away from the spotlight entirely. Having
signed a contract to be the star in a new Cirque du Soleil show, the now Mrs.
Maximus Aurelius Moore knows she is living a life other people only dream

But celebrity status comes with a target on your back, and Sin City is a
dangerous place to live. Nearly losing Siri once, Aurei decides they will
reside in Alabama and commute back and forth to Vegas when she performs.

Living at home in Alabama, the newlyweds are lulled into a false sense of
security. Unbeknownst to them, Aurei’s stalker has suffered a psychotic break
and turns her delusional obsession to have Aurei, onto Siri.

Find out what happens as the insanity unfolds in this fast-paced,
action-packed, romantic suspense, standalone thriller by Amazon Bestselling
Author, Jessika Klide.

The twist and turns will shock you! The love and devotion will humble you! The
ending will have you gasping for breath!

Capturing Her is a MUST READ! A guaranteed binge book you won’t be able to put
down. Preorder now! When it hits retailers, you don’t want to be avoiding
spoilers, because EVERYONE will be talking about Capturing Her!


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My phone
goes off as Siri and I enter the parking garage. It is Brutus, her bodyguard. I
pause letting her go ahead as I lift it and answer. “Moore here.”
morning. Are you on the move yet?” He asks.
I answer as Siri walks to the car with her perfect ass twitching from side to
haven’t told her, have you?”
chuckles. “She’s with you?”
I tell him as I watch Siri stop at the car and look back at me. I give her a
head nod, and she waits, knowing I want to open her door for her.
going to flip out, you know.”
I chuckle
at that. “That’s affirmative.”
“I hate I
can’t be there to see her reaction. Video it if you can.”
“Billy is
expecting you.”
problem. Have a safe trip back to Alabama.”
“I’ll give
you a heads up when her rehearsal schedule is confirmed and we will return.”
good. In the meantime, I’ll make sure her security detail is trained and ready
to go when her show starts.”
Call if you need anything.”
“Will do.”
“Moore, out
here.” I smile at my girl, my wife, my Wild Thang as I end the call and
walk to the car. She’s one of a kind that’s for damn sure. To think that just a
few days ago, she was fighting for her life at the hands of a drug addict…. I
shake the thoughts of what could have happened out of my mind. They didn’t and
that’s all that matters now. It was just a fluke thing. She was at the wrong
place at the wrong time. She kept her cool, came out of it unharmed, and
bounced back. Last night’s farewell performance as Seary proved that. She
brought the house down! The out pouring of love and respect from her fans was
proof that what I knew the first time I laid eyes on her was true. I recognized
a gifted and talented dancer before me who moved with the elegance and poise of
someone who should be dancing on a larger, grander scale. She was perfection in
motion and now she’s about to step into the role of a lifetime. She’s going to
be the star of Whitney Houston’s, I Will Always Love You, Cirque du Soleil show
and she’s going to kill it!
Watching me
approach her, she smiles so sweetly at me. To be such a tough girl, she’s so
utterly sweet to her core. She loves everyone and doesn’t judge anyone. I’m so
thankful I found her. She’s the light of my life. Until her, I lived in a state
of hopelessness. Never believing I could love like others. My military bros
nailed my call name Hard-Core. I was hard. Hard to my core. But this sweet
Alabama girl changed all that. Siri Wright rescued me and I love her more than
life itself. I don’t know what I would have done if anything would have
happened to her.
waiting for me to open her door because I insist she let me, she flirts,
devouring me with her twinkling eyes. Sex is always on her mind, and her hunger
for me is insatiable. Fuck, I love that about her too. I can give her
everything I have and she takes it all. She’s one hell of a woman.
I slide my
arms around her and pull her curves against me. She tips her face to mine,
puckering her lips wanting my kiss.    I
place my lips on hers, knowing she’s going to be ecstatic with the security
solution Brutus and I agreed was idea for her. She will be protected 24/7. No
matter if we are in Vegas, Alabama, or Italy.
smacks my lips and I let her go. I just have to keep her safe for the next
year. When I open her door, she slides silently in, and I wait as she straps
her seatbelt on. Then I walk around the front of the car and she hits the horn,
making me jump. I roll my eyes. I should have expected that.
When I open
the drivers door, she’s giggling at me. I get in, lean over, and get another
peck from her playful lips. That’s my girl. Always happy. Enjoying life to the
fullest. “I’m glad you’re in such a good mood.”
She grins
wickedly back at me and says, “I’m feeling feisty.”
“Oh, snap.”
I grin as I crank the car and back out.
When I pull
onto the highway and head to the address Brutus sent, she asks. “What’s on the
schedule today?”
“First, we
have an appointment to pick out your new security system. A gun was a good
idea, but obviously, it isn’t practical for you. Brutus and I agree you need
something that is visibly a deterrent and you need to take it everywhere you
She nods,
knowing we have her back. Then her phone rings. She looks at it, then at me.
Her eyes are big as saucers. “It’s Mama.”
I laugh as
it keeps ringing and she simply stares at it. “Better answer it, Baby Thang.”
She raises
it and says, “Hey Mama.”
For the
next few minutes, I hear Siri give her mother and father the live version of
the video we recorded and sent them announcing we were married. She tells them
again who I am, how we met, that we love each other, and that yes, we are
officially married. She grins at the dashboard and says, “Yes ma’am. I can’t
breathe without him. You were right.” Then she grins at me and says, “Yes, he’s
Zita and Bob’s boy.” She laughs, “Yes, ma’am. We will be home when you get
there. We’ll talk about the celebration then. Okay. Love you too. Give each
other a big hug from me. See ya soon.”
When she
lowers the phone, she says, “They’ll be home at the end of next week.”
I grin and know without any doubt she is totally okay with making our home in
“So, this
new security system … is it a taser or what?”
She smirks.
“Oh, that’s how you’re going to play this?”
I laugh.
“Affirmative. I want you going in completely open minded without any
preconceived ideas.”
She puckers
her lips. “You enjoy making me wait, don’t you?”
I laugh,
pretends to growl at me. “You rascal. How far away are we?”
fifteen minutes. You can wait that long.”
She waits
about two before she asks, “Can I assume it’s new technology then?”
particular model has only been on the market about 8 weeks.”
That’s not very long.” I hit the right turn signal, and she looks in that
direction. “Does it come in different colors?”
“James will
be upset if I have to wear something that doesn’t match perfectly with his
costume designs.” She cuts her eyes at me. “James is very picky.”
“Trust me,”
I smile. “James will be fine with whatever you choose.”
She sits in
silence for another few minutes, looking around at  all the houses in the residential
neighborhoods we are driving though, then asks, “Are you lost?”
“No, I know
exactly where I am.” I grin. “As a matter of fact, I own about twenty houses in
this subdivision.”
“Oh.” She
perks up and starts to pay more attention now. “Does Kip manage them for you?”
“Yes, he
and Bianca.”
“They are
an interesting couple.”
been with me for years.”
When I turn
into the driveway, I tell her, “This is it.”
“Hmm.” She
ponders out loud. “Are you sure Brutus gave you the right address?”
“Only one
way to find out.” I open my door and get out. She sits patiently inside and
waits for me to open her door, but her eyes are taking in every detail.
The front
yard is small, and the house looks to have been built in the eighties. When I
knock on the front door, a teenager girl opens it. She greets us and invites us
inside. “You must be Mr. Moore?”
“Yes,” I
answer and she steps back.
“Come in.”
When we
walk inside, Siri is all eyes. She is scanning everything, curious as hell, and
I smirk.
The girl
takes us into the living room and says, “You can wait here. Dad will be just a
We sit on
the couch, but before Siri can question the girl, a car pulls up and hits the
horn. “Nice to meet you. Hope you find one you like.” Then she’s gone and Siri
looks up at me.
looks like we are in the right place.”
“Yep.” I
While we
wait, my Curious Thang points to the pictures and states the obvious.
“He’s a police officer.” She smirks. “Your kinda guy.”
that?“ I teaser her and she playfully shoves me.
Just then,
Billy walks in and we both stand to meet him. He crosses the room with his hand
outstretched and we each shake his, introducing ourselves. Without making any
small talk, he steps back and says, “Right this way, folks.”
I take my
phone out and turn it on. She sticks her tongue out at me as I film her
following him out of the house and across the lawn, heading to the building in
the back. When we arrive, he pulls the door open and she steps through. Her
face registers the shock, then she squeals and takes off. When she reaches the
middle of the floor, she falls to her knees, holds her arms open wide, and
sings, “Puppies!” Then she gets mobbed by six of the cuties little German
Shepard puppies I’ve ever seen. Siri giggles as she tries to hold them all and
it’s infectious, making Billy and I both chuckle along with her. Then she sits
down on the floor, gets comfortable, and takes her time, picking them up,
talking to their faces, and loving on them, then repeating the process.
I send
Brutus the video with … “She’s a happy woman!”
He responds
with a row of hearts.
Billy asks
me while we watch Siri playing with the puppies, “Do you have a preference? Male
or female?”
“No,” I
answer, “It doesn’t matter to us. Whichever one she picks.”
litter has four males and two bitches.”
After a
little while, the puppies lose interest and start to play with each other. All
except one. One little black and gold puppy sits down next to Siri and watches
them with her. When they come up and play, the puppy plays with them, but  as soon as they move away, the puppy returns
to Siri’s side.
Billy leans
over and says, “I think the little bitch has picked her.”
I cut my
eyes at him. “Excuse me?”
He chuckles
and gestures, “That’s one of the bitch puppies, and it looks like she’s picked
your girl.”
Siri picks
it up and holds it in front of her face, talks to it, and the puppy puts her
paw on nose.
chuckles. “Yup. She’s decided.” I laugh and he adds, “It happens that way more
often than you think.”
Siri kisses
the puppy and tells us, “This one.” Then she stands and brings her over to meet
me. I lean over and kiss my girl, then nuzzle the puppy. “Isn’t she sweet?”
Siri asks me.
“Yes, she
Billy tells
us, “I have some papers for you to sign, and a few things to help her transit
to your home, if you’ll follow me.”
We follow
him into an office in the kennel. We settle up and he gives us the registration
papers, some extra food, and a business card to bring the puppy back when she
reaches the right age for obedience training.
When we are
walking back to the car, Siri says, “You and your fucking secrets, Aurei
I chuckle.
“I still have a few up my sleeve.”
She turns
her stunning smile on me and says, “You’re my hero, you know.”
I nod,
knowing I would do anything for this woman. Anything! 
At the car,
I open the door for my new family, help them in, buckle Siri up, then walk
around and get in. When I slide in, Siri looks at me, “I’m ready to go home to
I lean over
and give her a kiss. She’s my Every Thang.
When I
crank the car, she takes her phone out, holds the puppy up between us and snaps
a selfie. “I’m sending a picture to everyone I know of you, me and our
little Angel.”
that her name?”
She states. “She’s my little Angel Thang.”
Author Bio
I am an
Amazon Bestselling Author. I’ve been interviewed by USA Today, Happily Ever
After Blog, been on podcasts such as The V3TV Network with Vaughn Joseph, and
quoted for relationship advice in Men’s Health, Bustle, Prevention Magazine,
Parade, YourTango, My Joy Online, StyleCaster, and The Real Daily. I proudly
claim fans in 28 countries.
I live in
LA … Lower Alabama. The Deep South. In 1981, I married my high school
sweetheart. Yes, it was love at first sight and our chemistry still rocks my
world. I know I’m one of the lucky ones and thankful every day to be living
happily ever after.
I know
first hand that not all relationships have a rough beginning. Some start off
with a bang! My goal is to make you laugh out loud and give you more than one
happy ending. 😉 Therefore, all of my books contain heavy doses of lust,
laughter, and love. My heroes are strong alpha males that know what they want
and when they find it, make it happen. My heroines, on the other hand, are
strong-minded females, but may or may not submit easily. The back and forth
banter is always epic.
absolutely LOVE writing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my
stories, supporting my passion, and allowing me to live my dream. You may reach
me at any time for any reason at 
Enter My
Perpetual Paperback Giveaway at
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