RELEASE BLITZ – Love Worth Sav

Title: Love Worth Saving
Series: Saved by Love #2.5
Author: Sarah Stevens
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 26, 2019


After whisking his extended family off on a trip to
Maldives, Jackson finds himself feeling more alone than ever. Jax is beginning
to fear his chance at love has passed him by, when fate intervenes in the form
of his childhood crush. 
After learning her fiancé was cheating on her, Marissa has
no regrets about leaving him at the altar or hopping on a plane by herself for
a luxurious honeymoon in Maldives—alone. She is through with love forever,
until she sees…him. Jackson was her first love, the boy she never
Unfortunately, the circumstances that drove them apart
haven’t changed, and being together might threaten the safety and security of
everyone they care about. Is a second chance at love possible when blood ties
stand in the way?
During life’s darkest trials, battered hearts can only be
saved…by love.

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I walk down the path to the main resort and as I pass by one
of the villas, I see one of the attendants leaving and the most gorgeous girl
standing in the door. Her blonde hair glows in the sunlight as her slender
frame barely take up any space in the doorway. She seems to have a sadness
about her, but how can anyone be sad in a place like this? Oh yeah being lonely
and having no one. That’s me, but why is she looking so sad. When I glance in
her direction, I notice she lowers her head, but I see her eyes raise just
enough where she is still looking in my direction. I smirk to myself and
continue walking by.
I find the bar by the pool get my whiskey from the bartender
and find a seat in a quiet corner where I can see everyone and have no one
behind me, the curse of who I am I always make sure I have my back to a wall
for my own security. I see the target before they see me.
This place is beautiful, tropical and buzzing with sexuality
with the sun setting and the dim lighting and I’m alone. I don’t even want to
think about what’s going on in the villa with the others.
A little while later I glance up over the rim of my glass
and notice the girl from earlier walking in, not paying any attention to her
surroundings while walking up to the bar. Like she was there on a mission. With
glass in hand, she turns to look around and spots me in my corner. When she
notices me looking at her, she turns away from me, finishes her drink, gets
another one and walks out of the bar. There is something that draws my
attention to her, beyond the desolate look on her face. Something
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Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
Sarah Stevens is a New Adult Romance author.

Sarah started writing her first novel The Night He Saved Me in her free time
while being a stay­-at­-home mom. Then one day, it started to flow, and she was
writing “The End” in a matter of two months.

When she isn’t writing, she is enjoying the southern life with her husband,
three kids, a Saint Bernard—who is still adjusting to the southern summers and
Bruno a rescue dog. She can’t go a day without her coffee in the morning—and a few more cups during the day and
her late nights writing.

She enjoys reading Contemporary or New Adult Romance and going to the pool or
beach as much as she can. She loves all things Disney and collects Disney mugs
to drink her beloved coffee in.

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