RELEASE BLITZ – Bad Apple by Gemini Jensen

Title: Bad Apple
Series: Bad Creed #1
Author: Gemini Jensen
Genre: Contemporary New Adult Bully Romance
Release Date: September 30, 2019

Senior year is supposed to be the time of your life.
Keyword: Supposed. 
But I’ve just been shipped off to a new school. Sentenced to
hard time deep in the heart of Hicktown, USA. 
I left everything behind—my friends, my girl, my band, my
Besides graduating, I thought there was nothing left to
strive for. 
Then, I meet her…
Pretty. Preppy. Popular. Basic. 
Most importantly, daughter of the enemy.
And now I have a new vision…
Rip away her crown. 
Knock her off her pedestal. 
Wear her down until she’s stripped bare. 
She has no idea what’s coming for her. 
They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and the
Creed family tree is full of bad apples. 
But me?
I’m the most rotten of them all. 

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“I fucking hate you, you know that?” His words come out a
taut, restrained, and he stares straight into my eyes, delivering the blow. I
guess I’m becoming immune to his antics, because I just nod my head, biting
back the smile that desperately wishes to break free.
Maybe you do. But not nearly as much as you wish…
“And you’re still going to give me the most precious thing
you’ve got right now, even knowing I’ve got no love for you? Knowing I don’t
even like you, not even a little bit?”
I roll my eyes. If he’s trying to scare me away, to make me
second guess myself, it’s not going to work. And if that’s the
case, I think that speaks more to his own shitshow of feelings and not being
able to sort through them, than anything I’ve done.
“Steph says sex angry sex is the best. I’m betting hate sex
might be even better…” I shoot him a cocky smirk.
“How will you know? You have nothing to compare it to…”
“Not now, maybe. But I will one day.”
Author Bio
GEMINI JENSEN’s love for reading began at a young age, and
her love for writing was born not long after she learned how to put pen to
paper. When she was in 2nd or 3rd grade, she won a poetry contest for all the
elementary students in her county. 
She has a passion for all things romance-related,
particularly angsty, forbidden, and slow-burn romances. Taboo stories are
another guilty pleasure. 
An avid reader, she’s been enjoying the romance genre much
longer than she should be able to admit, stealing her mom’s books and returning
them before anyone noticed they were missing. 
Born and raised in Western North Carolina, she still resides
there with her family—her husband and their two kids…along with three dogs,
and a rabbit named Ted Bunny. She enjoys anything related to creativity,
Disney, and cooking. 
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