Cover Reveal: Sing to My Heart (A Chaos Series Book#2) By: K.R. Reese

☆☆ Cover Reveal ☆☆

Sing to My Heart (A Chaos Series Book#2)

By: K.R. Reese

is coming July 26, 2018!

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Her life was a façade. The biggest lie she’s ever told.

Carissa had the life anybody would dream of. She had family, friends, and her dream job. But it wasn’t enough. It would never be enough. Her armor begins to crack from one smile. One look that sends her thoughts to forever.

He had everything. Until his biggest secret threatens to take it all away.

Bryce was the front man. He was the life of the party, on and off the stage, and his bandmates followed. But being thrust into unexpected fatherhood puts perspective on a lot of his life. Chaos had always been his dream. Life had a funny way of making him want things he couldn’t have.

A single rockstar father trying to cope with changes. A woman who had never let herself want anything more.

Everything in Carissa’s life crashes down around her. But it opens an opportunity she can’t resist. Growing closer to the lead singer of a rock band was a side perk. Their hidden glances, small smirks, and late-night talks were irresistible. But Carissa has to tread carefully or risk her heart being broken. There’s others to think about aside from them.

Bryce believed he could handle anything that became a problem. His obligations to the band and his daughter were intertwined, and he didn’t know how to handle it. His nonexistent love-life and proximity to the one woman who could tilt the axis of his life was impossible to ignore. But it wasn’t just him anymore, and he wouldn’t trust someone so easily again.

One chance. One choice.

It could all go up in flames.

The entire Chaos series (for now):

Tune My Heart : Haven & Lukus

☆ Sing to My Heart: Bryce & Carissa

*Note: Each book in this series can be read as a standalone.



If someone would’ve told me six months ago that I’d be raising a daughter on my own, I would have kicked their ass. Unfortunately, sleepless nights were a norm around my apartment, and the dark circles under my eyes were proof of that. When I’d hooked up with Tara, this hadn’t been the plan.

It was precisely why I didn’t date – ever. Sex was available wherever I went. A short-term goal that both parties understood before it happened. Long-term goals weren’t a part of my mindset. At least they hadn’t been. Now, I didn’t have a choice.

Tara hadn’t asked for money when she found out she was pregnant. She hadn’t wanted me around her, let alone to support her, and she’d agreed to a DNA test once the baby was born before I did anything.

Ninety-nine-point-nine percent accurate. The numbers were a blessing and a curse. I had never wanted a family. The band was my family, had been for years. Marriage and kids hadn’t been in my future. Finding out that Hailey was my daughter – indescribable. I’d never loved anyone in my life, and the feeling I got the moment I held her can never be replaced.

Too bad all that happiness was short-lived. Tara’s frantic call a week ago set me running across the country to pick up Hailey, my daughter who had only seen me a handful of times and had no idea who I was.

We’ve been in the studio the past two months, completing our next album. I had to sing a few songs twice before they no longer needed me, but I’d still show up. Lukus, Trey, and Zane had to repeat multiple parts of songs, fixing where they’d messed up and changing others where it sounded better. I kept going, sunrise to sunset, to support them. Lukus hated being away from Haven and Avery all the time, sending me to the house a couple of times to eat lunch with her. He felt like he was abandoning them, when really, he was just making sure he was taking care of them.

Our music was what we loved as much as it was our job. It provided our food, a roof over our heads, and anything we could ever ask for. But that didn’t prepare any of us from being away from those we loved. I didn’t understand Luk’s need to be home until now.

Hey, Bry. You are still coming to dinner tonight, right?

Haven’s text message caused a mini panic attack. I’ve been away from the studio all week and have avoided all their calls. I knew Zane was getting worried, but I kept assuring him everything was fine. A week ago, that would’ve been true, but now I’m not so sure.

I pull the message back up on my phone and type out a quick reply.

I’ll be there, but you’ll need an extra seat. A high chair if you’ve got one. Isn’t that what those things are called? I’m bringing my daughter…

I click send before I can regret it. Not like I can hide it anyways since I’m now the full custodial parent to Hailey. When I flew across the country to be with Tara when she was freaking out about bills, school, and everything else, I hadn’t expected to come home a single dad to a 10-month-old. Things were going to get interesting. Chaos was growing, and not in the sense that we could easily work around. Wiping my hand over my face, I ignore the insistent buzzing that is my phone.

See you then…

Haven wasn’t one to ask a million questions, although I knew she probably wanted to. None of them knew about Hailey, not even Zane. Shit. My brother was going to kill me for keeping him out of the loop. Explaining this situation gradually might’ve been easier than dropping it on them at the last minute when I could no longer avoid it.

I wasn’t embarrassed about Hailey. Far from it. She’d been my life for the past year, before she was even born, and after, even if I hadn’t seen her as often as I could. No, the embarrassing part was the mother I chose for her. Tara did fine for a while. The past few months, though, the calls and text messages became more urgent, closer together, and almost pleading. Had I known she was in trouble, or worse yet, selling everything she owned to keep a roof over our daughter’s head, I would’ve helped her. But, she hadn’t said a word and hadn’t asked for help. She gave up.

Hailey’s small whimper from the closed bedroom door catches my attention. Jumping to my feet, I rush down the hall and slowly open it. She’s sitting in the middle of her bed, her big brown eyes staring up at me full of tears.

“Hey, sweetheart, it’s okay. Now that you’re up from your nap, you can meet some new people.”

Carrying her out into the living room, I grab all her things and head to the car. After the tour, we’d all separated houses and vehicles. Seems sharing an apartment and car no longer worked. Especially not with Avery on the way. Luk was the first to move, and we all followed suit.

Sitting in the front seat, I type a message to Haven.

Is Z there yet?

The text bubbles pop up for a second before her reply.

Yes, but I haven’t told him anything. Luk knows, but he’s going to leave you alone. For now. Can’t say the same about Z though. That’s your call.

I blow out a breath and look in the rearview. Hailey’s barely big enough for the upright car seat that’s reversed in the back. I had it delivered when I was still in Oregon with them, as well as her bed and anything else I thought I’d need. But the mirror attached to the back headrest lets me see her anyways.

Quit prolonging the inevitable. I was hesitating to attend this dinner, but I couldn’t – wouldn’t – disappoint Haven because I was afraid of what my brothers would think. Lukus and Trey were as much my brothers as Zane, and all their opinions mattered the same. They were going to be hurt that I hadn’t confided in them, but it’s what I felt was right at the time.

Zane was going to be the challenge. He was hot-headed and could go from happy to pissed off in less than a second. Being twins, a lot of people could tell us apart by our temperaments. I just hoped I didn’t have to see his tonight.

A few minutes later, I’m pulling into the driveway just as Carissa’s getting out of her car. My heart begins to hammer in my chest as she turns her full megawatt smile at me. Tonight just got a hell of a lot worse.

Haven’s best friend is a dangerous temptation I can’t afford right now.


About K.R. Reese

K.R. Reese writes contemporary romances with HEAs and a lot of suspense and thrills. She’s the author of the smalltown Wilson Creek series and the rockstar Chaos series, with many more projects in the works. She was born and raised in Ohio, where she still resides with her husband and their children.

When she isn’t reading or writing, you can find her spending time with her family, doing photo shoots, or listening to music.

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