The Last Score Series by: KL Shandwick

The Last Score Series by KL Shandwick

Gibson’s Legacy –

Trusting Gibson –

Gibson’s Melody –

Last Score Box Set (Book 1 & 2) –

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Gibson’s Legacy

Do you believe in fate?

Or a series of little happenings that make the impossible a reality?

Chloe Jenner would have laughed at those questions, but then she would never have believed what happened to her.

Gibson Barclay—hot-as-sin, charismatic with a worldwide playboy legacy,

believed there was no such thing as fate.

In his world, he took what he needed and he made his own wealth and luck.

Years later their worlds collided again. And a series of fluke events created a second chance for both Chloe and Gibson.

But when that second chance is built on a lie, how can love and trust ever grow?

Can a famous wealthy playboy rock star ever hope to redeem himself to win the heart of the only girl he truly desires?

Trusting Gibson

Taking a chance on Gibson Barclay was something Chloe never envisaged in her future when she was in college. Years later, she found herself thrown into his world with no immediate way out. She knew that trying to be the girlfriend of Gibson Barclay would come at a price. Was she capable of trusting him with his notorious womanizing reputation and temptation only a heartbeat away? Chlloe was still dealing with her own dark event, and with the media constantly thirsty for new information about Gibson and his life, it meant Chloe would constantly watching over her shoulder, fearful of her past rearing its ugly head again. Gibson promised to protect Chloe, but how could he keep her safe from the past that still haunts her with his life in the spotlight? When Gibson’s trust is put to the test how will he react?

Gibson’s Melody, a Last Score novella

This novella compliments Gibson’s Legacy and Trusting Gibson (Last Score Series).


They say the past always catches up with you… For a guy like Rock God, Gibson Barclay, it wasn’t totally unexpected.

Everyone always knew living down the kind of legacy he’d created for himself was never going to be easy. But just when he thought there were no more skeletons to find, his wayward past raises its ugly head and sets his mind reeling.

Historically, nothing and no one had ever fazed this hotter than Hell rock star, but that was back in the days when he only had himself to consider.

Never one to shirk his responsibilities, Gibson takes the shocking news in his stride, but faces hurting the one person he loves above all else. When he shares his secret, can the love of his life cope with the inevitable changes to their daily lives and how can he balance his new responsibilities while managing to maintain the hard earned trust of his woman?

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